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      Address:Xiaoli industrial zone, dongfeng town, zhongshan city, guangdong province

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      Continuous power:  1500W

      Instant Power:2000W 

      Input :DC12V24V/48V/60V



      USB output: optional

      Wave form:Modified Sine Wave

      Cool mode: Fan

      Color:Rose Golden (optional)

      Product description

      1. The use of imported components and advanced circuit design ensures high conversion efficiency of inverter, and modern flow production ensures product quality;
      2. This product has complete specifications and can provide corresponding standards for different voltages and interfaces at home and abroad;
      3. The instantaneous power is up to 1600W, and overload circuit breaker protection is provided;
      4. Low input voltage protection design, providing low voltage automatic closing function of the battery;
      5. Provide automatic shutdown protection for overheating, which will start after normal recovery;
      6. No maintenance design to ensure long and continuous operation of the product;
      7. Plug and play, providing AC output interface to meet users' demand for AC power;
      8. This product adopts aluminum alloy shell, high pressure plasma titanium plating surface technology, high hardness, stable chemical composition, anti-oxidation and beautiful appearance;

      9. The output power of this product is applicable to a wide range of electronic and electrical products, lighting, outdoor electricity, emergency relief and emergency electricity.


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